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Large Chicken Diapers


The large diaper is sized for most full sized layer hens and medium sizes roosters. In measuring the bird, start at the breastbone and measure to the underside of the tail. This diaper will fits measurements from 10"-16"

This diaper is perfect for the fashion conscious chicken. Stylish and comfortable, it the perfect attire for those special occasions. The diaper is insurance against those inevitable “incidents” in the home or while out in public.

It is made using imported, high quality fabric and the diaper is lined with water resistant sport nylon. A paper towel, folded and placed inside the pouch can be removed and replaced throughout the day, allowing the diaper to offer long lasting protection. Machine washable.

Sizing Guidelines:
Extra Small- Very .Small Bantams such as Old English hens and Seramas
Small- Perfect for Belgian Bantams, Old English Bantam Roosters, D'Uccles, Sebright Bantams Bantam Silkies & other small bantams
Medium- Ideal for Standard Silkies, Polish, Bantam Cochin, and other smaller eqg layers
Large- The choice for smaller roosters and standard egg layers such as Rhode Island Red, Easter Eggers and Barred Rock
Extra Large- For English Orpingtons, Standard Cochins or Standard Roosters