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Why in the world would a chicken need a diaper?

Why in the world would a chicken need a diaper? If you asking that question, chances are you don’t own pet chickens. Inquisitive, social, and often an important member of the family, pet chickens offer breakfast of course, but they also offer their humans endless hours of entertainment.

Big or small, rooster or hen, pampered poultry are “strutting their stuff”, sporting stylish, yet practical, chicken diapers in homes all around the world. Sometimes for only hour or two, sometimes recovering from an illness and sometimes seeking a reprieve from the cold, house chickens have found their way into the hearts (and often the living rooms) of their caregivers.

The truth of matter is chickens don’t need diapers. But, the carpets, floors, and furniture on which our pet poultry enjoy their inside time, very much appreciates the protection. Chickens don’t pee per say, so it is actually quite easy to contain the mess in a little pouch that only needs to be changed every couple of hours- plenty of time for some TV bonding, a photo shoot, or a tea party. As owner of Pampered Poultry, I can assure you the world is filled with spoiled chickens that are enjoying many of the privileges of other household pets because of diapers.

I am often asked if chickens like to wear diapers. Obviously, I don’t really know, and some birds wear them more willingly then others, but I do believe the love, attention and treats they receive from the ability to interact with their families inside the home outweighs any awkwardness a chicken diaper causes our feathered friends.  So why do chickens wear diapers? We put them in diapers because they poop indiscriminately, but we want them to share in our family life, and not always in the coop. It might seem crazy, but once you snuggled a silky, played piano with a serama, or danced with a rooster, you will understand why you might need a diaper for your chicken.


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