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What to Expect When Diapering a Chicken?

Most chickens will get used to wearing their new diapers quickly and will soon be acting like their old selves. However, when you first put on the diaper, it does take some time for them to adjust their balance and get used to the new weight and sensation.

Don’t worry! You are not hurting your chicken, assuming it isn’t too small.  You should be able to fit your finger under the elastic comfortably.

If the fit feels good, you can still expect for the first few minutes (up to 20 minutes) your chicken is likely to hate both you and the diaper. Some common reactions including falling over, laying down sideways and not moving, stumbling around backwards and sideways, pulling and pecking at the straps and pouch.  Just relax, and let them get used to the diaper.

Placing their favorite treats right out of reach often helps them forget, but in most cases give them time and before you know it they will be walking, flying and eating without any issues!



SK said:

score: human 0 chicken 20!!! The chicken has been able to out maneuver me in the process of putting a diaper on her

Cost Control

Cost Control said:

Can I use it for a horse?


Karen said:

I love the fit and pattern, but my chicken constantly overflows it’s diaper!!! Give it 10 minutes and there is poop and yolk flowing out the sides of the dipe dipe! Overall would recommend if your chicken doesn’t have IBS.


Tiffany said:

help! my chicken is an. indoor chicken and still somewhat young, but i got the xsmall diaper that fits. She HATES it. she cant move forward only freaking out scurrying backwards… its on for about an hour a day and she is miserable the whole time. Afterwards she needs snuggles to calm herself… yes lol she might sleep and snuggle with me and the kids.
But seriously any tips??


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Big tweets

Big tweets said:

My Rhode Island red seems to be breathing fast and has not walked much since I put the diaper on her it’s the second day and yesterday she seemed better definitely not breathing like this I’m worried she is hurting. I did order the right size for the breed of chicken and I also ordered one for my silky and it fits her well I think the one for the Rhode Island ride is too tight but I can fit my fingers comfortably in it it just seems like it’s pulling her wings back I hope it doesn’t hurt her I might take it off any advice


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