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Poultry Attire

Diapers and feather guards are practical for sure, but dressing your poultry in the latest fashions can be so much fun!

We know those roos often find their way into our hearts and homes just as often as the hens. Our attire line makes sure poultry couture is available in stylish options for all our feathered friends!

How to Diaper a Chicken
How to Diaper a Chicken video

A little practice is all you need to make diapering a chicken a breeze!

How our Chicken Diapers are Made
How our Chicken Diapers are Made video

We are working together to create a world where all our friends, including those with feathers, can enjoy a good life- as we all deserved to be pampered!

Share Your Pampered Poultry

Julie Baker shared a photo.
May 5

Maxine recovering in chicken diaper

Maxine is recovering from an injury & must stay away from the other hens for a while... her mom says she is loving some freedom inside the house while wearing her Pampered Poultry fashions.

Julie Baker shared a photo.
April 23

Mr. Peeps in chicken attire

Mr. Peeps, in his latest couture commission ordered from Pampered Poultry by his mom Karen... some casual clothes for getting work done on the farm!